Ditch Disposable

Ditch Disposable is a campus-wide campaign at the University of Hong Kong to reduce plastic waste by targeting plastic disposables across campus. 

Our campaign is encouraging everyone  on campus to

Ditch Disposable and Choose Reusable!

About our Campaign

Ditch Disposable aims to promote greater environmental sustainability and limit the impact of single-use plastics across the University of Hong Kong's campuses.

Plastic Free Campus

From September 2020, ten types of disposable single use plastics cannot be sold or distributed on campus or at events held by university affiliated units.

Problems with Plastic

Although disposable single-use plastics might be convenient to use, they cause serious damage to the environment, wildlife and humans.

Be Part of the Solution

Ditching disposable plastics is easier than you might think! Click below to see how to ditch disposable as a individual, and find out tips on how to run sustainable events and offices.