About the Campaign


Ditch Disposable is a campus-wide campaign led by the University of Hong Kong Sustainability Office that aims to reduce plastic waste by targeting disposable plastics across campus. 

Our campaign encourages everyone on campus to

Ditch Disposable and Choose Reusable

The Problem

Disposable plastic is cheap, convenient and used every day. Yet, the majority of it ends up in landfills or the natural environment, releasing toxins, and harming wildlife and eventually us. Globally we produce more than 300 million tons of plastic a year, half of which is intended for single-use.

The Solution

You can be part of the solution.  Ditching Disposable is easier than you think.  Click below to see how you can ditch disposable as an individual, faculty/department and an event organiser.

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Campaign Timeline

December 2016

Campaign Launches

The Ditch Disposable Campaign started with an initiative to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles of 1 litre or less at University events, restaurants, retail outlets and vending machines.

March 22, 2017

Kick-Off Ceremony

A kick-off ceremony was held at Haking Wong Podium with free drinks, music, and speeches from local NGOs and our Early Champions of Ditch Disposable to launch the initiative.


July 1, 2017

Policy On Disposable Plastic Bottles Comes Into Effect

The policy on disposable plastic bottles ended the sale and distribution of disposable plastic water bottles of 1 litre or less on campus.


To support the policy, the University installed new state of the art water dispensers across campus, bringing the total number of dispensers to over 90.

12 to 16 March 2018

UNIfy Skip the Straw Week

Eight UGC-funded universities launched a joint environmental campaign “UNIfy: Skip the Straw” on 12 March 2018 to reduce single-use plastic straws. On 12-16 March 2018, HKU hosted a No Straw Week on campus, and continued the effort to reduce disposable plastic straws use with No Straw Mondays.


September 2, 2018

Policy on Disposable Plastic Straws Comes Into Effect

From 3 September 2018, HKU banned single use plastic straws from being distributed in centrally managed catering outlets, except in emergencies or medical circumstances.

straw logo.png

September 2020

Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy

From September 2020, ten different types of disposable single-use plastics will no longer be allowed to be sold or distributed across the University of Hong Kong's campuses or events.

About the Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works to collaboratively develop, strengthen, and realise HKU’s institutional vision, commitments, and goals to integrate principles of sustainability into all aspects of the University’s facilities, operations, and activities. Click here to find out more