Ditch Disposable Champions

This page is dedicated to our Ditch Disposable Champions! These faculties, departments, individuals, and event organisers have gone above and beyond to support the campaign.

Early Champions:

Students and staff from across the HKU community are pitching in to support the campaign by ditching disposable items and choosing reusable.

Our Ditch Disposable "Early Champions" stopped selling and distributing single-use plastic water bottles of one litre or less from the very beginning of the campaign. These faculties, departments and offices have continued to support Ditch Disposable since it was launched.

Catering Outlets

Faculty of Science

Faculty, Department, and Society Champions


Society of Comparative Literature, A.A.H.K.U.S.U.

  • Society of Comparative Literature, A.A.H.K.U.S.U. has ditched disposable bags on welfare week!

  • Instead of using disposable paper bags, SOCCOMPLIT used hemp rope to tie the welfare "parcel" together, chic and eco-friendly!


Individual Champions:

These individuals have also supported the #ditchdisposablehku campaign!  Small steps can lead to big results, and everyone can do their part in reducing their plastic consumption.  Ditch Disposable and Choose Reusable!

Compiled by Sustainability Office Intern Kimberlee Onsiong 2018