Ditch the Disposable Bottle

In 2017, the University of Hong Kong banned the sale and distribution of single use plastic water bottles of 1 litre or less on campus. By September 2020, this policy will be expanded to cover all drinks in plastic bottles of 1 litre or less in volume


This many plastic water bottles have been saved per month since the policy was introduced, in vending machines alone.

Why Ditch the Disposable Bottle?

There are many reasons as to why we should ditch the disposable bottle.  Hover over the three images below to find out why these disposable bottles have to go!

How to Ditch the Disposable Bottle:

Ditching disposable bottles is easy! Just bring your own bottle everywhere to avoid the need for disposable water bottles. To refill your bottle, you can use one of the over 90 free water dispensers on campus, or get free water at a participating catering outlet.  Ditch Disposable and happy hydrating!


Bring Your Own (Reusable) Bottle!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why have we not banned ALL disposable bottles?

Plastic water bottles were banned in July 2017 as the first step in the Ditch Disposable campaign. Disposable water bottles were targeted initially as they are unnecessary on campus. This is because reusable bottles can be carried easily, while free and safe drinking water is provided across campus.

The Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy, which will come into effect in September 2020, will expand on the existing plastic bottle policy to cover all kinds of beverages sold or distributed in plastic bottles of one litre or less in volume. Click here to find out more.

Can drinks in paper cups or Tetra-Paks be handed out on campus?
These containers don't directly fall under the Policy, but we suggest keeping their use to a minimum. Consider reusable cups and pitchers instead of disposables and when you need to buy drinks, buy large bottles instead of single-serving containers.

How can I ditch disposable and get involved in the campaign?

Thanks for wanting to Be a Part of It and Ditch Disposable! Using a reusable water bottle is the first step, but you can also use that bottle for takeaway drinks (sometimes at a discount!), or even get your friends to Ditch Disposable.

I have a specific enquiry, how can I contact you?

You can contact the Sustainability Office via email or drop by and ask us in person.

Email: sustainability@hku.hk
Address: EH126, Eliot Hall, University of Hong Kong

Compiled by Sustainability Office Intern Kimberlee Onsiong 2018 

Ditch Disposable is a campaign organised by the Sustainability Unit, Estates Office, HKU. To see information about other sustainability initiatives, please visit https://www.estates.hku.hk/eo-general/sustainability.

If you have any suggestions or require more information about reducing disposable plastic waste on campus, please do not hesitate to contact us through email, our social media accounts, or the form opposite.

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