How Does This Affect Me?

“How is this related to me?” you may ask. Don’t forget, we are part of the ecosystem too! Plastic doesn’t just affect the ocean or wildlife; it also affects our health and well-being. What goes into the ocean can easily end up inside us. Consider our dining table.  A large amount of microplastic has been found in:

Table salts produced in various countries

Soft tissues of bivalves such as oysters and mussels.

Bottled and tap water 

plastic club.png

This means we could be eating plastics on a daily basis. Despite a negligible impact on human health at current intake levels, researchers suggest that as global plastic waste continues growing, our ingestion level will increase. They also warn us about the health risks associated with microplastics, which are hard to detect and currently understudied. These small particles (≤1.5 µm) could penetrate capillaries and enter human organs. We are taught to be aware of our daily sugar and oil intake. Maybe it’s time to include plastics.

Research by Sustainability Office Intern Bingo Xu 2018