How to Ditch Disposable

Plastic Alternatives

Ditching Disposable is easier than you think! Click below to see how you can ditch the follow disposable plastics and choose reusable instead.

Compiled by Sustainablity Office Intern Teresa Tsui 2018 

Ditch The Disposable Bottle

The Policy on disposable plastic bottles restricts the sale and distribution of water bottles of one litre or less in volume on campus.

Ditch The Disposable Straw

Disposable plastic straws have not been distributed at the majority of campus catering outlets since the policy on disposable plastic straws came into effect in September 2018.

Sustainable Events Guide

Use our checklists, tips and tool-kits to help you run a sustainable event by ditching disposable plastics and choosing reusables.

Sustainable Offices Guide

Find out how to ditch disposable around the office, and be sure to check out our downloadable green office checklist.