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No events at the moment, stay tuned for new Ditch Disposable Events coming soon!

Past Events

Beeswax workshop
April 2019 | HKU
BYO week
March 2019 | HKU
Ditch Disposable Workshop
December 2018 | HKU
Reusable Straws Giveaway
September 2018 | HKU
HKU Plastic Straw Ban
September 2018 | HKU
2018 Registration Day
August 2018 | HKU
Ditch Disposable Market
12 March 2018 | Haking Wong Podium
No Straw Week
12-16 March 2018 | HKU
Ditch Disposable Market
12 October 2017 | Haking Wong Podium
Ditch Disposable Bazaar
9-13 October 2017 | SU Building
No Straw Week
9-13 October 2017 | HKU
Screening of A Plastic Ocean
25 October 2017 | Wang Gungwu Theatre
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Ditch Disposable is a campaign organised by the Sustainability Unit, Estates Office, HKU. To see information about other sustainability initiatives, please visit https://www.estates.hku.hk/eo-general/sustainability.

If you have any suggestions or require more information about reducing disposable plastic waste on campus, please do not hesitate to contact us through email, our social media accounts, or the form opposite.

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