Pitchers and glasses

Using pitchers and glasses is a great way to provide water to event participants while avoiding the need to distribute plastic water bottles or plastic cups. See the tips below to find out how to use pitchers and cups correctly.


Using Pitchers and Cup

Helpers should ensure that speakers and hosts have adequate water and clean glasses on stage and that guests have adequate water before and during the event:

  • All glasses should already be in their appropriate locations (e.g. in front and to the right of the speaker) by the time guests enter.

  • Glasses of water for a specific seating area should be filled as the guest sit down.

  • Glasses should be three-quarters filled with water, not filled to the brim to avoid spills.

  • Throughout the event, event staff and/or student helpers should refill glasses, as needed. Avoid leaving glasses empty for too long.

  • Event staff and/or student helpers should keep an eye out for speakers/guests signaling for their glass to be refilled by subtle hand motions e.g. slight beckons, slightly raising the glass in the direction of the nearest server, etc.

Dealing With Spills

When Accidents Happen:

  • Have cloths or towels on hand to deal with spills. Be quick and don't disrupt the talk or performance.

  • If a glass cracks, replace the glass immediately and carefully, and then refill it.

  • If a glass shatters, event staff or student helpers should carefully redirect people around the site, sweep up the glass shards, wipe up any smaller fragments, then dispose of the shards and towel appropriately.

  • If rented drinkware is damaged, it should be discussed with the organisation rented from. They may have policies about this already in place. Seek more information from individual renters.