Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy

The Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy aims to promote greater environmental sustainability and limit the impact of single-use plastics. The policy will restrict the usage of single-use plastics on the University of Hong Kong campuses.

By September 2020, HKU will take

a big step towards becoming a 

disposable plastic free campus

From September 2020, the following items cannot be sold or distributed on campus or at events held by university affiliated units:

Plastic Food Service Ware

Includes straws, cups, cup lids, food containers, cutlery, drinks stirrers, plates and bags.

Plastic Drink Bottles

Includes all types of beverages sold in plastic bottles of one litre or less in volume.

Plastic Event Banners

Includes plastic banners of any form used for event promotion, or banners used during a single one-off event.

Policy Coverage

This policy applies to all catering outlets, retail locations and vending machines owned by or located on university premises as well as all university affiliated units.


Exceptions to the Disposable Plastic Free Campus policy may be permitted in health-related or other emergency situations.


Specific types of single-use plastics are being targeted under the policy.

Items being targeted & their alternatives

Straws Cropped.png


Restricted disposable plastics include compostable or biodegradable plastics (such as Oxo biodegradable or vegetable-based plastics).


*Disposable non-plastic alternatives are not ideal as they still generate large amounts of waste. They should only be considered if absolutely necessary.

Responsibilities under the policy

All University-Affiliated Units

Units that organize or host events and activities on campus are responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy.

Catering, Retail, and Vending Machine Managers

These managers are responsible for ensuring that restricted items are not sold or distributed in catering outlets, vending machines, or retail outlets on campus. They will also be responsible for ensuring that catering and retail outlets, and vending machines find environmentally responsible alternatives.

University Management

Management is responsible for ensuring that the necessary facilities and procedures are in place to enable implementation of the policy.

Heads of Departments

Department heads are responsible for ensuring University funds are not used for the purchase of products restricted by the policy.

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