Our Student Team

The Ditch Disposable campaign has been led and supported by a group of passionate and talented students ever since the beginning. They came from different countries, different studies and backgrounds, but with one united goal - to raise awareness on plastic waste and promote more sustainable lifestyles.

2020 Green Ambassadors Working Group on the Disposable Plastic Free Campus

The Green Ambassadors (GAs) are a group of HKU students interested in promoting community well-being and sustainable lifestyle. GAs promote sustainability to their peers through writing articles, hosting events, and running social media campaigns etc. In preparation for the 2020 Disposable Plastic Free Campus, a working group on the Disposable Plastic Free Campus was set up to help the campus community transition to a disposable-plastic-free lifestyle. 

Ella C Forsberg

Ella is a final year architecture student, and growing up in a small town in Norway she always had a close relationship to the forest and the sea. However, it was the experience of having to burn her own plastic waste due to the lack of recycling facilities in a rural village in China, that made her realise the huge inequalities and pollution created by our “modern lifestyle”. Now she is trying to live zero-waste and vegetarian, and she is trying to gear her work towards spreading awareness for our shared environment. She believes that we have to sacrifice some comfort to survive the climate crisis, but that living more respectfully and closely with nature can also bring us a lot more joy and fulfilment.

Sammie Ng

Sammie is a fourth year Urban Studies student from Singapore who advocates for sustainability wherever she goes, whether in Singapore, Hong Kong or in the region. Some of her current interests and projects include fostering public participatory practices in Singapore and gamifying sustainability education. In her free time, she also enjoys organising book clubs, cook-outs and events for the sharing of food, ideas and support. In HKU, she farms and shares about how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle via @greenpeas_hku.

Renee Wong

Renee is a third year undergraduate studying English and Education. Seeing how much rubbish is left behind on her hikes and walks on the beach, she is passionate about reducing waste and loves to help people think how they can live sustainably in their daily lives. She believes that every small act helps - as the earth does not need a few perfect people who live sustainably. Instead, she  needs collective imperfect actions, no matter it be using one straw less, buying in bulk, or changing to a vegan diet.

Joyce Jiang

Joyce is a third year undergraduate majoring in Politics and Public Administration. She loves travelling and hiking where she can have the opportunity to explore the beauty of this world. She genuinely wish that by perusing sustainability efforts, the beauty of nature can be protected and be appreciated by more people.

Anushka Tewari

Anushka is a second year Chemistry student. She believes Chemistry is a key sustainability science and can be used to achieve circular economies and reduce the impact on our environment. She is very passionate about introducing sustainability into everyday life by small contributions and hopes to encourage everyone to actively adopt sustainable practices.

Vismaya Pillai

Vismaya is a sophomore majoring in Physics with a minor in Computer Science. She is an environmentalist and is especially passionate about climate change. She also loves arts and crafts, so she adores DIY, especially the kind that goes hand in hand with the 3 Rs--Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. She's a huge science nerd and an avid reader of (mostly) fiction. She also enjoys hiking/trekking and swimming. She truly believes in the cause of Ditch Disposables and is entirely convinced that this and other inspired policies and initiatives can have a huge positive impact. "Let's make this campus (single-use) plastic-free!"

Nidhi Menon

Nidhi is a second-year Ecology and Biodiversity major from India. As an aspiring marine biologist and animal lover, the state of our environment is always at the forefront of her concerns. Her dream is to make a lasting difference in our ever-changing world. She would do anything to help rescue our planet from the unpredictable future that it faces right now, and she knows that every action matters. Nidhi worked on a no-plastic campaign in her high school as well as some parts of her city in India and she is really excited to be a part of this amazing initiative at HKU. She hopes we can all stand together and make this important change đź’š

Juyoung Lee

Juyoung is a third-year undergraduate double majoring in Psychology and Marketing. She has always found beauty and excellence in her surroundings and consequently, in nature. On top of the characteristic, she witnessed an unfortunate oil spill in the Yellow Sea located at Taean, South Korea, her home country, and has experienced the drastic and dire consequences of human actions upon nature as well as all of us. However, she has also witnessed how thousands of Korean volunteers have sacrificed their time to meticulously and resiliently clean up said oil spill for months. She has grown the awareness of what human actions can lead to, how urgent we need to take actions to prevent such consequences and how we can be resilient and supportive of each other. She hopes to learn more and apply her awareness to future projects.

Vedika Virmani

Vedika Virmani is a second year Biomedical Engineering student from India. Her everyday interests include music, fiction, animals and being a part of the change, this world needs to become more respectful to the environment. She aspires to dig up a more widely acceptable way of healthcare without harming animals and our surroundings. Her belief in a sustainable present and future is what attracted her to be a part of the “Ditch Disposable” drive. With this, she aims to learn more about and spread awareness about the damage we humans are causing to our beautiful home, The Earth. She hopes that we all can stand united and fight our own evils and make it a better place for one and all!

Summer 2019

Khushboo Jogi

Khushboo is a final year Economics and Finance student. For her, businesses and sustainability are not mutually exclusive and she strives to pursue a career in the field of sustainable economic development in the future. As for now, she has dedicated herself to make small changes to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Ilma Tarannum

Ilma is a third year undergrad majoring in Mechanical Engineering. It is this that led her to be concerned about energy conservation and how to sustainably go about urban planning. She started her journey from a young age through food sustainability and waste management because of her parents. She is a big believer that small changes can contribute to bigger changes thus hopes nobody will hesitate to contribute towards a more sustainable environment.

Joshua Lee

Joshua is a second year undergraduate Journalism and Urban Governance student. He is passionate about urbanism and all things city-related. In particular, he is interested in how we can make urban areas sustainable and livable.

2018 to 2019

The 2018-19 Sem 1 interns worked to promote Ditch Disposable to a wider audience. They reached out to staff through specifically targeted workshops that covered how to ditch disposable in their offices, events, and daily lives. They also spread the campaign to more students through setting up a Green Ambassador Program to promote Ditch Disposable and other green campus initiatives to students across campus. Finally, they worked to promote the resources on the Ditch Disposable website through various social media channels and a video explaining how to best take advantage of the website. The Sem 2 and summer 2019 interns worked to help the campus community prepare for the upcoming Disposable Plastic Free Campus Policy by updating the website, creating new resources, and speaking directly to students and staff.


Janice Wong

Janice is a third year undergrad majoring in Geography. She loves hiking and travelling where she has a chance to appreciate the diversity of landscapes, peoples and cultures in the world. "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth." is a quote that inspires her. She is keen on making a difference and spreading sustainability in the HKU community.

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Sharon Kan

Sharon is a first year Master student of Urban Planning. She is intrigued by the beauty of natural environment since a very young age which has led her to study Environmental Science in bachelor degree. She also believes that engaging the community to make small changes in their lifestyle is crucial to thrive a sustainable city - a goal that is very close to her heart.


Bayansulu Tulbassova

Bayansulu is a full-time student from Kazakhstan. She is studying Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management. Bayansulu has started her sustainability journey back in the last year of high school when she saw how much paper is being thrown by the administration office of her school every day. When she realized that it is not only her school but all public schools in the city of Almaty that don’t have a recycling system, she felt the urge to intervene. She went to supermarkets, asked for carton boxes and put them in classrooms of her school. 3 months after, she was able to collect 160 kg of paper for recycling. Since then, sustainability was something she always kept in mind, but she wasn’t taking action. This year, she decided to change that and join the Sustainability Office to start living her principles and see how the Office is working to change the world for our campus. She is now working on the Green Ambassador Network, a platform for sustainability-minded students of HKU.

Summer 2018

The summer 2018 interns revamped the Ditch Disposable website to make it a more useful resource for those looking to reduce disposables on campus. In addition to a new layout and more details on the problems and solutions regarding plastic waste, the new website includes a new promotional video for the campaign. They also developed and implemented a communications campaign to prepare for the implementation of the Policy on disposable plastic straws. Finally, they worked to raise awareness of plastic pollution via the Ditch Disposable Facebook and Instagram.

Teresa Tsui.jpg

Teresa Tsui

Teresa is in her second year of undergraduate studies, with Majors in Environmental Science and Geography. Our Mother Earth is currently facing various environmental problems, and that’s the reason why Teresa hopes to alleviate the situation by promoting a sustainable lifestyle. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is the quote which inspires her a lot and she wishes to convey the message to the HKU community through her internship.

Kimberlee Onsiong

Kimberlee Onsiong

Kimberlee is a final year dental student.  While she loves studying Dentistry, she also has a strong passion for environmental sustainability. She very much hopes to combine her two interests and make Dentists more environmentally conscious in their practice. Moreover, she truly wants to raise awareness and inspire people to reduce their plastic consumption; whether by simply saying NO to straws, bringing our own bottle or plastic bag. She is a firm believer that small steps can make a huge difference. Kimberlee is very honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Ditch Disposable Campaign. She is very proud of what the campaign has achieved and is excited for all the changes to come.


Bingo Xu

Bingo is a coming year three undergraduate with majors in Economics and Finance. She loves wildlife, and that draws her to global environmental issues. She believes that everyone is part of the environment and can promote sustainability in their own fields. Influenced by the HKU Ditch Disposable Campaign and HKU New College, Bingo starts to use more reusable items ever since she entered the university. She is proud to help with HKU Ditch Disposable Campaign and hopes to deliver the idea to more people on- and off-campus.

2017 to 2018

The Sustainability Office Intern during the 2017-18 school year was responsible for raising awareness and building excitement about the Ditch Disposable campaign. She managed the social media channels and helped to plan and deliver campaign events. Her work culminated in the Ditch Disposable Market, a 2-day disposable free event that included zero waste retailers, vegan snacks, and free drinks for those that brought their own reusable cups.

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Stephanie Wong

Stephanie (or Steph!) is a final-year undergrad with a double major in psychology and counselling. While she has a strong passion for research and clinical work, she is also dedicated to living more sustainably and promote sustainability in the community. By using more reusable items and turning to a vegan diet herself, she hopes she can influence more people around her to reduce unnecessary waste by taking simple actions. "Every little bit helps", as she always says. "Even just one less plastic cup, one less takeaway box... one more meatless meal. As long as we join hands and commit to making such small changes, we can make huge differences."#wecan

2016 to 2017

Interns during the 2016-2017 school year played a pivotal role in launching the campaign. They developed the Ditch Disposable website and social media channels and worked to plan a communications campaign for the launch. They made videos and graphics to raise awareness and showcase how to easily ditch disposable plastic water bottles. They also worked to plan the campaign’s launch ceremony and served as moderators, videographers, and photographers on the day.


Andrew Lam 

Andrew is in this third-year undergraduate getting a BSc(III) in Environmental Science. He has a passion for spreading sustainability throughout the HKU Campus and hopes that students can change their daily practises to ditch disposables. He likes dancing, making videos and taking photos and thinks Y’all should start using reusable bottles. 


Diogo Ann Onuselogu

Diogo Ann is in her first year of undergraduate studies majoring in biomedical sciences. Growing up in Hong Kong, she has been long exposed to Hong Kong's waste management and pollution issues and is now passionate about the three R's, always finding opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle. She believes that raising awareness and educating the masses is the way to a greener Hong Kong and that we should all do our individual parts. For that reason, she signed up for the Sustainability Office Internship wanting to support the sustainability cause in a place familiar to her and where she felt she could help others make a difference as well: HKU. She is currently trying to ditch "disposable" and choose "reusable" on a regular basis and encourages friends and family to do the same.


Hagen Wan

Hagen is a final year undergraduate student majoring in food and nutritional science. He believes that modern society has separated us from nature and that leads us to an unsustainable life. This is the reason why he became a vegetarian in 2017 as he finds cows and chickens kinda cute and decided not to eat them. He also strongly recommends you to join the sustainability office team as it is very fun to work there.