Sustainable Events

Green Events Checklist

Download our interactive Green Event Checklist to help you organise sustainable and disposable plastic free events.

Sustainable Event Tool-kits 

Click the buttons below to see tips and a step-by-step guide on how to ditch disposable for your specific event:

Orientation Camp

Orientation Day/Night



Superpass Dinner

Welfare Week

Information and Registration Days

Field Trip

Large Conference and Performance

Small Seminar and Career Talk

General Sustainable Event Tips 

Here are some simple ideas to ditch disposable at your event. Click the images below to expand them:

Green Event Guidebook

The University of Hong Kong has pledged to support the Green Event Guidebook published by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). HKU event organisers are advised to follow these guidelines when organising events.

English Version


Using Pitchers and Cup

Using pitchers and glasses is a great way to provide water to event participants while avoiding the need to distribute plastic water bottles or plastic cups. Click the button below to see tips on how to use pitchers and cups.