Sustainable Offices

Green Offices Checklist

Download our interactive Green Offices Checklist to see how sustainable your office is and find tips on how to ditch disposable in your department!

General Tips for Reducing Waste in Your Office:

Paper Consumption

  1. Reduce paper use by using electronic versions of documents.

  2. All unavoidable printed material should be printed on recycled/FSC-certified paper.

  3. Print on both sides of paper.

Pantry and Break Out Room

  1. Do not provide disposable cups next to water dispensers. Ask your staff to bring their own reusable bottles/cups.

  2. Use a reusable towel instead of disposable paper towels.

  3. Do not provide single-serving disposable drinks.

  4. Consider investing in a set of reusable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins for staff to use for meals or for meetings and parties.

Waste Disposal

  1. Responsibly handle waste generated in your office by recycling all recyclable items. Reuse or donate when possible.

  2. Put a recycling bin in your office so that staff can recycle conveniently. 

  3. You can set up recycling collection in your office through HKU's recycling provider SSID (Contact Nigel Lo at or 22859905). Find more info on campus recycling here.

Staff Support

  1. Provide support and guidance to staff members responsible for purchasing goods and event management, to adopt the above measures. 

Go Team

Compiled by Sustainablity Office Intern Teresa Tsui 2018