Water Dispensers

Under COVID-19, all water fountains in the public area are closed due to safety concern, we are so sad to see this decision from the university. Do we have to bring back the disposable bottled water to campus? Is this the only solution? While we continue to try to liaise with university management, we suggest that you can bring your own filled reusable water bottles with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can also get free water refill at most catering outlets on campus. You are welcomed to send us your feedback and suggestions about the situation at sustainability@hku.hk.

(Updated on 13 Nov 2020)

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Water Dispensers on Campus

Tips for Using Water Dispensers

See our tips to find out how to refill your bottle at water dispensers responsibly and hygienically.

Want to encourage responsible use of your water dispenser? Download and post this water dispenser refill etiquette poster to provide some gentle reminders!



Water Dispensers for Offices or Events

In situations where the existing water dispensers may not be enough to cater for large-scale events, additional dispensers may be purchased or rented. See the links below to find out how to acquire water dispensers for your event or office. Please observe Guidelines on infection control measures for HKU events.

Rent a Dispenser

Local companies that provide dispenser rental services;

(Water source required)

Buy Large Water Bottles and Hand-Pumps

Small hand pumps for use with large water cooler bottles can be purchased through online retailers.

Buy a Dispenser

Commercial retailers who sell water dispensers include;

(Electrical outlet required)

Purchase a Pitcher

Pitchers with re-loadable water filters can be used to fill cups at events or in the office.